Self-Portrait of Ahmed Rassim

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This selection of poems and prose by Ahmed Rassim introduces English readers to the leading French-language Egyptian poet of the first half of the twentieth century. Admired by his fellow Alexandrian, Constantine Cavafy, Rassim’s gently melancholic poems blend the antics of French surrealist writing with a highly personalized–one might call it “mock-arabesque”–oriental style. His whimsical prose chronicles his life as a civil servant in Cairo and Alexandria. Introduction by Gabriel Levin.

“The material here ranges from a satirical send-up of Egyptian bureaucracy … to some thoughtful discussion of poetic form…. Tucked in among these oddments … are some fully realized poems, rendered lushly oriental and yet delicate of sensibility in Levin’s ravishing translation…. Rassim is quite a find.”

The Jerusalem Post

Paperback $7.95 96 Pages ISBN 965-90124-4-6
This book is no longer in print.