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The first English collection of poems by one of contemporary Hebrew’s most innovative poets. Alternately Hellenic and Hebraic in his emphases, Schimmel is a bird-like arranger, a draftsman poet for whom memory is as physical as seeing, and seeing as complex and luxurious as a meal in all its stages. Introduction by Peter Cole.

“Harold Schimmel is an impeccable master of his art and as interesting a poet as one is likely to find in any language. His move from O’Hara’s America to the complexities of daily Jerusalem makes him all the more wonderful — and true!”

Robert Creeley

“The concrete image, the painterly patterning of detail, the apparent random unfolding of events … the pleasures of an earthly vision.”


Paperback $7.95 104 Pages ISBN 965-90124-1-1

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