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GABRIEL LEVIN’s books of poetry are Sleepers of Beulah (Sinclair Stevenson), Ostraca (Anvil), The Maltese Dreambook (Anvil), To These Dark Steps (Anvil), Coming Forth by Day (Carcanet), and Errant (Carcanet). He has also published a book of prose, Hezekiah’s Tunnel. Levin’s translations include Yehuda Halevi’s On the Sea, Ahmed Rassim’s The Little Bookseller Oustaz Ali, as well as Poems from the Diwan, by Yehuda Halevi. A collection of his essays, The Dune’s Twisted Edge, appeared with the University of Chicago Press in 2012.

The ibis in Egyptian mythology represents Thoth, scribe to the gods, maker of the palette and the ink-jar.